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We are a Co-operative Multi-Academy Trust, with six member schools within the Essex area.

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Pupil Premium



Pupil Premium Expenditure – January 2019 Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received

Total amount of pupils on roll


Total number eligible for PPG


Amount received for the academic year

£38,540 (1320 per pupil)

 What are the main barriers to future attainment (for those pupils eligible for all PPG children) at Doddinghurst Junior School?

  • Lack of foundational skills and knowledge particularly in Reading and Writing
  • Social and emotional well-being
  • Engagement of parents of PPG children
  • Home/school relationship
  • Attendance

What are our key strategies to close the gap (attainment and progress) of PPG children at Doddinghurst Junior School?

  • A continual emphasis on inclusive, quality first teaching in classrooms that enables all pupils to thrive and make good or better progress
  • Rigorous tracking of all pupils each half term by school leaders and teachers. With a specific focus on those children who are PPG within planning and pupil progress meetings.
  • All underperforming PPG children are named and highlighted on half-termly class analysis sheets which are used as part of pupil progress meetings. Teachers are challenged on the progress this group is making.
  • Clear focus in lesson planning of PPG children and their expected outcomes from starting points.
  • Children with PPG in need of Social and emotional wellbeing are identified and supported by teachers and learning support mentor.
  • A drive to reduce the barriers of attendance between PPG children in comparison to non-PPG pupils

Nature of Support


Intended Impact

Funding Contribution from PPG allocation

1.    Targeted support


High quality teaching alongside classroom teachers to deliver tailored lessons to small groups of children.


One to one coaching using high quality ICT


One to one or small group intervention work in Reading


-          Accelerated progress in R/W/M


-          Accelerated progress in Maths


-          Accelerated progress and expected or better attainment


-          Improved resilience/sell-worth and positivity


2 days per week qualified teacher supporting year groups


1 day per week qualified teacher supporting year groups, PPG children in their reading comprehension


LSA – social and emotional


Third Space IT one to one tuition

2.    Social and emotion support

High quality care of all PPG children through emotional support


Play therapy


Zones of regulation


Peer on peer support groups with coach



-          Pupils learn to regulate their emotions and resilience to the challenges of learning


-          Pupils have a designated safe space which is therapeutic and conducive to calm, peaceful reflection. This will enable them to calm down and be ready to learn.


-          Improved resilience/self-worth and positivity





Bubble room materials

3.    Staff Training/ CPD


Support staff training – supporting specific need within the ppg group


-          1 per half term training with SENCO relating to interventions including PPG chn. To up skill Teaching Assistants, enabling them to provide effect provision across all yr groups including PPG. 

SENCO training LSAs as part of their weekly meetings

4.    Extended School support


Subsidised yr 6 residential trip




Subsidised before/after school clubs

-          Pupils feel valued and able to access similar experiences of their peers

-          Chn aided in reducing barriers to attendance


Access and trips

5.    Enrichment opportunities


Subsidised school trips


Music lessons


Quality and enriching reading resources across all years


Online learning games to support the curriculum

-          Pupils are introduced to new and engaging experiences

-          Pupils experience learning that is outside of their regular pool of experiences and widens their own horizons


6.    Attendance


Monitor PPG attendance robustly and reduce barriers to attendance



1 afternoon per week –Head of school to monitor attendance of PPG and respond to data trends or engage with parents and Essex Admissions team


Pupil Premium Impact 2018-2019

IEB (Interim Executive Board) and the school leaders will monitor the impact and outcomes of the year when analysis is complete.

This will then help inform our targeted spend for the following year.

Principles for using the Pupil Premium grant at Doddinghurst CofE Junior School

  1. All members of staff accept responsibility for the social, emotional and academic needs of all pupils and are committed to ‘closing the gap’ for vulnerable groups of pupils.
  2. Doddinghurst CofE Junior School aims to offer a package of support to PPG children that reduces barriers to achievement, well-being, attendance and behaviour.
  3. Teachers and Senior Leaders are committed to bring out the best of this vulnerable group of pupils and seeing them thrive in their learning and well-being.
  4. IEB members are committed to monitor this group of pupils and to be ambitious in the school’s aims of ‘closing the gap’ for these pupils.
  5. The School uses tracking systems which rigorously monitor all groups of pupils to identify groups or individuals that are underachieving and identify strategies for improvement.

As a leadership, alongside our IEB, we regularly evaluate our PPG provision to ensure that funds are used appropriate and to accelerate progress of these children.

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